Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 HUPO Abstract Entry Confirmation 294

Your abstract for the HUPO2012 conference was submitted on 5/3/2012.The log number for your abstract is 294.

Analysis of Protein Networks

Mark Gerstein

Yale Comp. Bio., New Haven, CT


My talk will be concerned with understanding protein function on a genomic scale. My lab approaches this through the prediction and analysis of biological networks, focusing on protein-protein interaction and transcription-factor-target ones. I will describe how these networks can be determined through integration of many genomic features and how they can be analyzed in terms of various topological statistics. In particular, I will discuss a number of recent analyses: (1) Improving the prediction of molecular networks through systematic training-set expansion; (2) Showing how the analysis of biochemical pathways across environments potentially allows them to act as biosensors; (3) Analyzing the structure of the regulatory network indicates that it has a hierarchical layout with the "middle-managers" acting as information bottlenecks; (4) Integrating the protein-interaction network with molecular structures and motions; (5) Showing the some motions are conflicting with protein-protein interactions and (6) Creating practical web-based tools for the analysis of these networks (DynaSIN and tYNA). 

Corresponding Author:
  Mark Gerstein
  Yale Comp. Bio.
  PO Box 208114
  New Haven, CT 06520-8114
  United States


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