Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Good day

Good day,

The Iraq Ministry of Trade is actively seeking interested global service partners for key rebuilding and development projects inIraq.

Iraq is changing rapidly and as life is returning to normal, so too is economic activity. Demand for goods and services are growing, and the country is proving why many believe it to be one of the world's most attractive markets.

Iraq offers almost unparalleled opportunities to international corporations and investors. At the same time, Iraq can finally benefit from foreign investment into its economy. Iraq's needs are broad it ranges across all sectors.

I would like to know if you and your company will like to participate or help facilitate the urgent delivery of products and services to key development sectors of the Iraqi economy in all the provinces.

I work as a special international trade consultant with the Iraq Ministry of Trade, and my primary responsibility is to seek and connect partners and investors with the Iraq Ministry of Trade for profitable projects that address Iraq's needs and to ensure that the environment exists for simple entry into the Country.

Rimarzik Matthias Ernst