Sunday, March 18, 2018

Abstract for talk at McGill University, Human Genetics Seminar Series (*i0mcg18*)

Prioritizing Variants in Personal Genomes, with particular application to cancer


My talk will focus on prioritizing genetic variants associated with
cancer, to identify key variants driving cancer progression. First, I
will look at the overall functional impact of the variants in cancer
genomes, ranking them in terms of impact, for both coding and
non-coding regions. For the coding analysis, we use the ALoFT and
frustration tools, and for the noncoding analysis, we use FunSeq.
Then, I will look at the recurrence of variants within cancer cohorts.
Here we develop two approaches: one parametric (LARVA) and the other
non-parametric (MOAT). These both depend on background
mutation rate, which, in turn, is linked to genomic features such
as replication timing and TADs. I will discuss tools for analyzing these.
Finally, I will put all these methods together
through application to kidney and prostate cancers.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Indian Country Books / Native Media Network


Dear Educator / Communicator :

For the past several months Indian Country Books has been morphing into an interactive platform on Facebook and our web platform to produce, publish and distribute cultural and topical programs to our audience that is tethered to their cell phones.

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Harmon Houghton, Director of Programming
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