Sunday, February 1, 2009

Abstract 305094 for talk at JSM 2009 3-Aug-09 [I:JSM]

Abstract Number 305094 has been submitted.

Abstract Information
*Abstract Type:* Topic Contributed
*Sub Type:* Papers
*Sponsor:* Biometrics Section

*Title:* Understanding Protein Function on a Genome-scale using Networks

*Abstract:* My talk will be concerned with understanding protein
function on a genomic scale. We approach this through the prediction and
analysis of biological networks, focusing on protein-protein interaction
and transcription-factor-target ones. I will describe how these networks
can be determined through integration of genomic features and how they
can be analyzed in terms of various topological statistics. In
particular, I will discuss: (1) Improving the prediction of molecular
networks through systematic training-set expansion; (2) Showing how the
analysis of pathways across environments potentially allows them to act
as biosensors; (3) analyzing the structure of regulatory networks shows
they have hierarchical layouts with "middle-managers" acting as
information bottlenecks. [REFS: K Yip & M Gerstein ('09) Bioinformatics
25:243; T Gianoulis et al ('09) PNAS 16:1374;]

*Key words:* bioinformatics, network, training set, metagenomics, cca,

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