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Re: ISMB/ECCB 2023 Keynote Information

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Seth Munholland, Ph.D., DES
Lead Technologist
International Society for Computational Biology
T: (403) 831-2587

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Steven Leard
ISMB Conference Director

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A Gradual Evolution in Bioinformatics Research

This talk will survey my lab's computational biology research from the
1990s to the present and touch upon the broader directions of the
field. I'll start by discussing some early work on structure and
simulation and how this transitioned into studying protein and gene
networks and, eventually, human genome annotation with
machine-learning models. Finally, I'll discuss some of our current
work developing models for variant impact based on allele-specific
binding and how this highlights the role of transcription-factor
binding motifs that are particularly sensitive to mutation. I'll end
with thoughts on where I think the field is going. In particular, I'll
discuss the importance of dealing with large amounts of private data
and using digital sensors to phenotype individuals more accurately.



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