Friday, May 3, 2019

Business Proposal

Premier Oil Plc,      
23 Lower Belgrave Street SW1W 0NR,
Attention: The President/CEO
Business Proposal
Having consulted the bank here in United Kingdom and based on the information I got about you on the database of your country, I have the privilege to
request your partnership and assistance on the transfer the sum of Ј10,500,000.00 (Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds) into your bank
accounts within a couple of weeks.
The above sum resulted from a contract payment made into the corporate account of a foreign contractor that carried and completed a particular contract with
my company (Premier Oil PLC) Five Years ago. With the demise of the director few months after the payment in a Gas explosion the management of the bank
has expected the relative or business associates of this late contractor to put in claims on this fund without success, with the ongoing Brexit negotiation,  the
management of the bank has just sent an official letter to the management of my company (Premier Oil PLC) to provide the next of kin or business associate of
this late contractor within 14 bank working days or the fund be declared un claimable in accordance with the laws here in United Kingdom.
I am contacting you to stand as my foreign partner and trustee to enable me present you before the management of my company as the business associate of
this late contractor. It is important to inform you that as a staff of this company that this payment originated, I cannot claim this fund without the collaboration of
a foreign trustee, hence I have contacted.
The proceed should split between us 50% of the total sum is for me and 45% for you as my foreign trustee and partner 5% for local and international incidental
expenses in the course of actualizing this fund transfer into your nominated bank account.
In the execution of this project that is of mutual benefit to all, I will request you to forward to me the following details:-
(1)    Your Name in full.
(2)    Your contact Address in Full
(3)    Your direct Mobile/cell phone number.
(4)    Brief information on your profile, age and nature of work.
Be rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free and whatever information should be restricted between us until this fund transfer into your nominated
bank account is actualized,  all arrangements have been well rehearsed and perfected on my side to guarantee the completion of this fund transfer within 14
Bank working days.
Forward your response to this email:
Best regards
Zachary Edward Noah

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