Sunday, March 31, 2019

Re: Thank you!

TITLE: Genomics & Data Science


Data science is currently popular because it allows the extraction of
useful information and commercial value from large-scale datasets.
Here I will describe biomedical data science, particularly from the
framework of genomics, which is one of the leading sub-fields under
the data science umbrella. First, I will talk about the increase in
data generation and data availability in this discipline, and how
genomics has developed methods to cope with data growth, and how these
methods interrelate with data science in general. Then, I'll go
through a number of key applications of biomedical data science,
particularly in relation to drugs and therapeutics, and focus on
finding drug targets for neuropsychiatric disease. This application of
data science makes extensive use of biological regulatory networks and
I will show how one can analyze these networks, in terms of analogies
to social networks and hierarchies.

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