Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Abstract for Arrowhead's 7th Annual Precision Medicine Conference [i0pgx]

Genomic Privacy

With every new exciting development in genomics come the often
underappreciated ethical legal and social concerns.  Particularly with
regard to issues of privacy, there are ultimate tradeoffs as the
technology continues to develop and the real-life applications of
genomics become more of a reality. Numerous technical solutions have
been proposed, but every technical safeguard is accompanied by
increased complications with analyzing and manipulating datasets.
Moreover, technical solutions invite both white-hat and black-hat
efforts of circumvention, making them less useful in the long-run.
Rather we propose a multi-prong approach to dealing with privacy
issues in genomics that includes technical, regulatory and social
advances that will create an environment that both safeguards privacy,
prevents harms associated with a lack of privacy and promotes
innovation in the fields of genomics and medicine.

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